May 8, 2020

Virtual Boudoir

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What do you do when you can’t shoot in your studio? When you can’t bring in your clients and provide them with the luxurious boudoir experience they expect? It’s frustrating for sure. But one thing I learned is that adapting to your environment and surroundings can refuel your creativity in ways you never thought possible.

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How do you offer photography without being in the same room, same state, or same country as your subjects? I’ve grown so accustomed to welcoming the women I photograph into my space with excitement about what they are about to experience. How do I provide any kind of fine art quality work with an iPhone and a virtual meeting?

boudoir, virtual boudoir, hudson valley boudoir

It’s not about that. With the situation we are in, I’ve learned to adjust to the needs of not only myself, but other like minded women that just need a hot second to decompress. I need a creative outlet. This allows me to navigate something new, and create new images. Are these for wall prints or albums? No. But, they can be profile pictures, on a mobile device for safe keeping, shared with someone(or not).

boudoir, virtual boudoir, hudson valley boudoir

Think about these gorgeous ladies. They slipped into something they feel good in. They set up a quiet space just for themselves. Even if for 15 minutes, they were alone. The stress washed away, they stripped down to the women they truly are… just those few minutes can feel like hours to someone who is at their tipping point. Aren’t we all just trying to get through each day with some thread of sanity left?

boudoir, virtual boudoir, hudson valley boudoir

These are ALL from virtual sessions! You know you want to try it. Besides, what do you have to lose?

boudoir, virtual boudoir, hudson valley boudoir

Special thanks to the following participants for the most amazing virtual sessions.

Do More Photographers

The Coastal Collective


Jennifer Dirksen

Kelley Stafford with The Boudoir Belle

Teri Hofford

Steva Plain

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